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Why do you need a residential A/C maintenance plan?

We all need checkups to stay healthy…and that also goes for your air conditioning unit!  If you wait until your system isn’t working to call a professional, that can lead to costly repairs.  Temperature Control Solutions (TCS) will make sure that HVAC and heating maintenance scheduling is easy and affordable. We offer preventative maintenance on all brands and models to ensure your air conditioner keeps your family comfortable throughout the year.

What’s Included…

Temperature Control Solutions (TCS), not only cleans your HVAC unit to ensure optimal performance, but we thoroughly inspect it for any potential issues. A standard maintenance visit includes:

  • Wash condenser unit

  • HVAC filter cleaning or replacement with customer-provided filter

  • Overall system performance check

  • Check refrigerant levels

  • Check electrical components & amperage draw

  • Clear drain lines

AC Maintenance Benefits    

Even if your system is working well now, regular maintenance is needed to prevent any future problems. Here are a few reasons why HVAC maintenance is important:

  1. Save Money on Energy Bills

  2. Extend the Life of your Unit

  3. Improve Air Quality in your Home

  4. Catch Potential Problems Before They Happen

Our Maintenance Agreements

At Temperature Control Solutions (TCS), we understand that you want to get optimal performance out of your AC system.  Take the hassle out of organizing your system’s maintenance by signing up for a Maintenance Agreement Plan with us.

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