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Temperature Control Solutions (TCS) is a residential & commercial air conditioning and heating company serving Broward, Palm Beach County & The Treasure Coast. With over 14 years in the service industry, we are dedicated to providing the best HVAC services in the area. 


We value our integrity, professional technicians and quality service at a fair price…proving it with every job we do.  Our goal is to make a positive impact on each customer with our services so they feel confident they chose the right company for their Residential HVAC or Commercial HVAC-R needs.


Rey Rivera, co-owner of TCS

Frequently asked questions

  • Why should I consider a new A/C system?
    If your system is having a hard time keeping your home cool it may be time to consider a replacment. New units are more energy efficient, which means savings on your electric bill.
  • How do I determine what system and size is right for my home or business?
    At TCS we have decades of experience designing and quoting the right system to keep you cool. Call or contact us today for a FREE evaluation and quote. 561-819-4554.
  • What can I do to fix my A/C before I call for service?
    HVAC systems are extremely complicated and require a license and years of experience repairing them. However there are some basic items to check before you call us. Make sure your circuit breakers are in the ON position. Make sure your filters are clean. Open supply and return vents and make sure they are unobstructed. Check the settings on your thermostat. Make sure the system switch is on the appropriate COOL or HEAT setting.
  • Do you offer A/C system financing?
    Yes, we offer a variety of options to finance a brand new system for your home or business.
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